VOICE 世界と話せる

Get remunerated for
using your language skills

VOICE 世界と話せる

Sign up as an instructor!

Facilitate the free topic conversation.

Facilitate free conversation based on any topic you like, such as culture, sports, news, etc.

If you become a VOICE instructor, you can get
remuneration for using your language skills.


All you need to do to get remuneration is talk about topics you like.

To get remunerations, what you should do is just talk about the topic.

“Like being overseas while at home.” VOICE is a live conversation service that allows people from all over the world to communicate wherever they are and at any time. And as the instructor facilitating the conversation, you get compensated.

You can improve your own skills while making conversation.

You can get many kinds of skills.

Because VOICE takes place in a free conversation setting and anyone can join, you can spend time with many people of different ages, sex, nationality, language level, cultural background. As a VOICE instructor, you can improve your own communication skills, such as your range and use of expressions, and ability to converse and respond on a multitude of conversational levels.

Anytime and anywhere you like.

Anytime and anywhere you like.

You can open your own VOICE room anywhere and anytime you want, as long as you have an internet connection. At home or away from home, 24 hours a day, you can choose the time and place that best suit your schedule.

No qualifications or licenses are required.

NO need licenses.

When you hear the word “instructor” it may sound like hard work, but the VOICE instructor’s role is simply to facilitate free conversation. If you can speak at least one language at native level, and have a passion for supporting those who are studying languages and trying to improve their language skills, anybody can be an instructor.
※The opportunity to become a VOICE instructor is open to residents of Japan, Australia, Canada, the US, the UK, Ireland & New Zealand.

About remuneration

7 yen / minute
The more you talk the more you get.

About remunerations.

How remuneration is paid

Remuneration is transferred to the bank account designated by you on My Page.
※You can change your bank account information on My Page whenever you wish.
※Bank transfer is only made when the accumulated amount exceeds 10,000 yen.

About Waiting Time

Any time your VOICE room is open but empty of guests is called “waiting time.” For this time, no remuneration is paid. As soon as a guest enters your room, remuneration begins to accrue.

About devices

About device

A PC connected to WiFi is all you need. You can also use your smart phone for reservations and settings! As long as you have internet access, you can decide on a topic and open your own VOICE room anytime and anywhere you like!

※Use of smartphones is not currently possible.

VOICE instructorHow to open your own VOICE room

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  • Log in to your VOICE instructor My Page.

  • Decide the start time, language, style, and topic.

  • You can choose a topic from the list of free-use topics.

  • Open your VOICE room at the reserved time or whenever you are ready, and wait for guests.

  • As soon as a guest enters your room, your VOICE room session starts. Use your topic to facilitate conversation.

  • When you have finished, you can pass on feedback to the VOICE team.

  • You can access records of your VOICE room sessions on your My Page screen. These records include the length of your VOICE room sessions, the amount of remuneration, and your reviews from guests.

VOICE instructorScreen while talking

Since you can see everyone while you’re chatting, you can enjoy talking the same as if it were face to face. The better you can tailor your topic to your guests’ interests and the more they stay engaged, the more remuneration you can get.

VOICE instructorFAQs

  1. 1 What kind of topic should I choose?

    At first, topics you like to talk about and are good at talking about are good choices because something easy to talk about or facilitate conversation around is the most important thing. After you get used to it, it’s fun to discuss topics such as recent trends, news or gossip, which opinions can be shared about.

  2. 2 I have no idea what topic to use

    We have several free-use topics. You can access these from the “choose from the template button” on the Register VOICE room page. Free-use topics will be updated periodically.

  3. 3 Do I have to pay to be an instructor?

    There is no fee to use VOICE. You can start using VOICE as soon as you like, providing you have internet access.
    ※Internet access fees are not covered. Internet access is at your own expense.