VOICE Instructor

Why become a VOICE instructor?

You can get an overseas experience from the comfort of your home. VOICE is a place for free conversation for anyone and everyone. Becoming an instructor at VOICE and teaching your native language to guests is a great way to expand your horizons.

  • Get remuneration
    Get compensated
  • Use any topics
    Discuss any topic
  • Teach anytime
    Teach anytime, anywhere
  • Expand your life
by talking with different nationalities people
    Talk to people from all around the world

How to become an instructor

No licenses or qualifications necessary! We welcome anyone who:

  • likes to talk
  • wants to teach their native language to non-native speakers
  • The opportunity to become a VOICE instructor is open to residents of Japan, Australia, Canada, the US, the UK, Ireland & New Zealand.
  • has an Internet connection
    Check our preferred Internet specifications here >

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About compensation

How much you get paid is up to you! The amount of time you teach in a VOICE room and the number of guests you have will determine how much you are paid.

\7 / minute
Ex: 1 hour X 3 guests = ¥1,260

  • Payment method
    When you earn over \10,000, you will be paid by bank transfer.
    You can register a bank account on your instructor account page.
  • Waiting time
    Time spent in an open VOICE room with no guests is considered “waiting time.” You will not be compensated for this time.

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Get started

The concept behind VOICE is that you can open a VOICE room whenever and wherever you want. You can choose your own topic or you can choose one from our list of topics.

How to open a VOICE room

  • STEP1Log in

    STEP1.Log in

    Log in to your account page.

    If you do not have an account, you can create one by choosing “Create a new account.” Once you’ve created an account, you will receive an e-mail containing your login ID and password.

  • STEP2Open a VOICE room

    STEP2.Open your VOICE ROOM

    To open a VOICE room, you just need to set a topic, a language, and a maximum number of guests.

    ★You can schedule VOICE room openings in advance. Guests will be able to check your schedule, although they cannot book a spot.
    ★Any topic is welcome. You can choose your own, or you can choose one from our list of topics.

  • STEP3Wait for guests to connect

    STEP3.Wait for the guests

    After opening a VOICE room, you will need to wait for guests to join. While you wait, “VOICE Tips” will be displayed; please feel free to make use of them in your VOICE room.

  • STEP4Start your VOICE room

    STEP4.Start your VOICE ROOM

    When a guest joins, your VOICE room will begin. Keep the conversation going and have fun!

    ★If a guest adds you to their favorite instructors list, they may become a regular guest!

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Become an instructor at VOICE and teach your native language

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Recommended spec

OS Windows 7+,
Android 5+,
iOS(※Coming soon)
Browser Chrome,
Safari(※Coming soon),
IE(※Coming soon),
Edge(※Coming soon)