Privacy policy

All information, opinions and requests received from customers through our customer service center, call center, online, and so on, is passed on to the relevant departments and the feedback is used to improve our services and service provision.
Regarding the handling of personal information, all laws, regulations and guidelines set out by administrative agencies and authorities are strictly followed and adhered to. Furthermore, all employees are made fully aware of the personal information protection policy and a Personal Information Protection Manager is in place to ensure that personal information supplied by customers is carefully protected.

■ What information we collect and what information we use.

Personal information is collected in order to meet clearly defined objectives within the scope of our business, and the personal information needed to achieve that objective is collected, used and provided through fair and appropriate means.
There are cases where customers may be asked to provide personal information, after being notified in advance of the reason for collecting the information.
Personal information provided by customers (including registration application, certificates, purchasing history, and personal information needed for administration and sales) is used only for the purposes listed below:

・sending information about events, preferential treatment, discounts, and services.
・sending information about disasters and temporary suspension.
・issuing certificates
・sending questionnaires for improving our services.

Information will not be used for purposes other than those mentioned above. However, exceptions may be made when required for the protection of the life, health or property of customers.
Should the customer request disclosure of their own personal information, this is provided without delay after confirmation of the customer’s identity, as long as disclosure does not interfere with company operations or pose any threat to life, health, or property.
Customers will be informed of products and services relevant to them by email, phone, or mail. Customers may stop these notifications by submitting the appropriate form.

■ Policies for proper management of personal information.

To ensure the accuracy and safety of personal information, a manager is in place for each personal information handling department, to implement measures on both the information communication technology side and organizational structure side that will protect personal information from unauthorized access, loss, destruction, tampering, and leakage.
Within the company’s internal organizational structure, a manager of the personal information protection team is responsible for creating and promoting internal regulations and operational rules for protecting personal information.
Education and training personnel are in place to conduct regular education and training for not only full-time employees, but also part-time and temporary staff.
Customers’ inquiries may be used to improve the services of VOICE and the services of other related companies.
The contents of customer inquiries are not disclosed to third parties with the exception of cases required by law for the protection of life, health or property of customers.

■ Policy on compliance with laws and other standards related to personal information

All employees understand the importance of protecting personal information and observe the laws, regulations and guidelines established by administrative agencies and other authorities.

■About the ongoing improvement of the compliance program

Periodic audits and inspections are carried out to continuously improve efforts to better protect personal information.
※The compliance program includes privacy policy, manuals and rules for handling personal information, as well as the management and administration systems for carrying them out.

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